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Grupo de estagiários

The internships we offer at AP | ACADEMY are an excellent way to prepare you to face the working world, the competitive labour market and the challenges of a constantly expanding industry. 

We offer 4 types of internships according to your profile and interests: academic, refresh, volunteering and professional Different styles for different realities, so that you can put your knowledge into practice, gain experience and/or strengthen your skills.

Our academic internships align with university curricula. The refresh and volunteering internships are aimed at all qualified professionals who seek to strengthen their skills in a professional environment. Finally, the professional internships are usually integrated into the AP | PORTUGAL's progression system.

All our internships can be done in-person or virtually. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection.

AP | ACADEMY internships have a minimum duration of 6 months with a weekly workload of 40 hours. Dates are flexible.

CERTIFIED training

A significant part of the training offered during the AP | ACADEMY programme is delivered through the AP | PORTUGAL Tech Training Center, which is completely free of charge for interns.

The Tech Training Center offers internal and external training to communication and public relations professionals, website managers, journalists and others.

This response to professionals' needs bears an additional seal of quality, as our training is certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT).


AP | ACADEMY is committed to mentoring, a practical learning process that includes tutoring by a more experienced professional imbued with a desire to accompany and assist those who are less experienced. AP | ACADEMY mentors enhance your skills and develop your talent as an intern.

AP | ACADEMY knows how important an academic, professional, refresh or volunteering internship is for your professional development, so we'd like to invest in you with a firm commitment to mentoring.

Put simply, you will always have someone more experienced to help you.

In practice, all the work you do as an intern will be reviewed by a senior internal professional, but also by external professionals, the mentors, who completely review each project.

What is the result of this passion for mentoring? What we like to call a double seal of quality, which is made possible by a two-way channel that allows you to receive critical and constructive feedback on the work you are doing when faced with the doubts and desires that naturally come with the territory.


Mentor a dar edicações a grupo de estagiários
Mentorados analisando um projeto



They are senior professionals from the various areas in which AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions has been operating for several years and share the same passion, which translates into the opportunity to experience, with intensity and enthusiasm, walking alongside those whose ultimate goal is to become a professional, just like the one who will mentor you during your internship.



Skills such as resilience, team spirit, adaptability and flexibility are important goals to achieve while you are with us as an intern. We are committed to helping you get there!


Our internships are flexible in terms of mode and duration. You can do your internship during the first or second semester of the academic year, optionally including holidays, when you want to enter the labour market or when you feel ready to return to it.

We accept applications throughout the year. You just have to decide when you want to start your internship, choose which one you want to do, and submit your application at any time by sending your CV in Europass format. You can send your application with this form.

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